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„For the most part, Austria’s grapevines were able to withstand the enormous heat and lack of moisture that characterised the 2018 vegetation cycle. So we have a very early and very ripe vintage on our hands, one in which persistently high temperatures have led to consistently higher levels of alcohol and lower levels of acidity. Volume will in any event be just above average: we are looking forward to a harvest in the magnitude of some 2.6 million hectolitres”, declared Viticultural Association president Johannes Schmuckenschlager, in reference to the 2018 vintage, which will now reach its climax with one of the earliest harvests in decades. 

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A great honour for Austria: for the first time in its history, the highly respected Court of Master Sommeliers will conduct its examination for membership outside the UK or the US – and nowhere else but in Austria! The Master Sommelier Diploma, which will be awarded at Klosterneuburg Abbey in August, is considered the highest honour to which a sommelier can aspire.

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Acesta este jurnalul ultimei noastre călătorii prin Mitteleuropa, făcute în șase de-a lungul a șase zile, prin Slovenia și Italia și, ca tranzit, prin Ungaria. Fiindcă în țara noastră nu avem autostrăzi nici la 30 de ani de la căderea comunismului, am renunțat să mai vizităm litoralul românesc și am ales cea mai apropiată mare

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