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While worldwide 2017 saw the lowest level of wine production in years, Austria was able to record a harvest that was very good in terms of quality and also blessed by abundant volume. The yield of 2.6 million hl (according to October’s third harvest estimate) amounted to a quarter above the five-year average, which will go a long way to filling cellars that in many places have been rather empty. True, there were late frosts in 2017 as well as hailstorms, but both caused substantially less damage than in the previous year. Only the Weinviertel experienced a more modest harvest compared with the average, due to extremely arid conditions in one of the hottest summers in a long time.

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Noi, da. Acesta este răspunsul la întrebarea din titlu. De fapt, nu am fost cu toții acolo, la Groningen Wijnfestival 2018, ci am participat mai degrabă printr-un bun reprezentant, mezinul Clubului Degustătorilor de Vin Neautorizați, Dan Sămînță.

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